Have You Been Searching For QUALITY Music And Sound Files?

If You Are A Video Creator, Film Producer, Web Designer, Pod Caster, Music Producer / Remixer, DJ, Game Developer, Marketer, Or Any Other Type Of Media Content Provider, And If You Have Been Searching The Internet For Original Premium Quality Sounds To Include Into Your Videos, Films, Documentaries, Products, Presentations Or Other  Productions That  Require Quality Sounds And Music In Order To Complete Your Multimedia Projects...

The Sound Membership Is A Brand New Offer From The Stolting Media Group, Which For Well Over A Decade Has Been Producing And Distributing Premium Quality Music And Multimedia Products Including Background Music For Marketing Projects, Sound Effects For Music Movie And Video Productions, And Information Products Helpful To The Creative Entrepreneur.

Stolting Media Group's Team Is Well Known For Creating And Delivering Some Of The Highest Quality And Creative Sounds To The Music And Entertainment Industry World Wide, And Has Over The Many Years Received Tons Of  Positive Testimonials From Household Names.

With The Sound Membership You Are Entitled To Use The Sounds And Music In Your Projects, Royalty Free! 

These Sounds And Music Normally Sell Elsewhere For A Minimum Of $4.99,  $9.99 Or Even $14.99 And Up
For Some Of The Sounds And Music Of Longer Duration. These Prices Are The Standard Going Rate For High Quality Premium Sounds And Music.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Below Is A Screenshot From Our Vendor Account On A Well Known Media Stock Market Place. These Are Recent Sales Made Of Individual Sounds And Music At The Retail Prices That Customers Are Willing To Pay For Just ONE Audio File! The Prices Paid For These Sounds And Music Are Normally Purchased At The Prices Listed Below For Use In Their Own Multimedia Productions.
As You Can See, Some Sounds And Music Sell For $2.00, $4.99 And Up To $15.00 Each For Just One Track!
The Sound Membership Is Made Available At An Extremely Low Introductory Price That Works Out To Less Than A Few Pennies Per Sound (Which As You Can See Above) Are Valued Up To $15 Per Track.
Not Only Was A Significant Amount Of Man Hours And Hard Work Put Into Creating The Sounds And Music In This Membership,  (We're Talking Well Over An Entire Year, 24/7 Around The Clock That Was Dedicated To Creating And Producing These Brand New Top Quality Unique Sounds And Music)...

But After These Sounds And Music Were dreamed Up And Finally Manifested Into Reality, From That Point On, Even More Time Was Spent On Checking, Double Checking, Triple Checking, Editing, Mixing, Cutting, Fading, And Adding Just The Right Amount Of Proper Effects And Settings Suitable To The Character Of Each Individual Sound.
Note That The Sounds And Music In This Membership Should Defenitly Not Be Confused With Other Widely Distributed And Devalued Low End Quality Sounds And Music That Sell For Less Than A Few Dollars, Or Shared For Free, And May Be Of Questionable Origin.

The Sounds And Music Contained In This Bundle Are Legal, Of Extremely High Quality, And Are Offered Directly From Our Studio's To You.
In Order To Bring You The Best Sounds And Music We Could Possibly Create, We Needed Some New Tools. And Not Just Any Old Tools, We Wanted The Absolute Hottest Sound Design Equipment Going. Therefore Funds Have Been Invested Heavily Into Purchasing Numerous Professional State Of The Art Audio Processing Units, Allowing Our Creative Team The Capability And Flexibility To Produce And Create Unique Sounding Unheard Custom Effects With Superb Sound Quality.

Using State Of The Art Award Winning Sound Equipment We Were Able To Design Unique Sounds And Music Using Creative Synthesis Techniques, Covering New Sound Territories That Are Only Possible With The Special Types Of Audio Design Equipment That Our Creative Team Used.
We Are Therefore Proud To Now Be Able To Offer You Access To A Large Selection Of Awesome Inspiring New Sounds And Music, Of Which Most Of Our Unique Sounding Creations Are Exclusive To The Sound Membership, And Are Not Easily Re-Created With Any Old Equipment Or Software That Is Readily Available On The Market At Low Budget Prices. This Means That You Will Have A Hard Time Finding Anything That Comes Close To These Sounds And Music, From Any Other Production Companies.
Combining Top Of The Line Sound Design Tools With The Out Of This World Talent Of Our Creative Team, We Ended Up Doing Amazing Things That Any Sane Producers Would Shy Away From And Advise Against In Fair Of Pushing The Boundaries.  We However Took These Creations To A Whole New Level And Are Now Introducing A Completely New Dimension Of Sounds And Music Into This Universe And Into Your Sound Library.

With The Most Powerful Synthesizers And Software Available Today, We Explored New And Uncharted Musical Universes By Using Equipment Such As Multi-Synthesis Oscillators, Analog Modeled Filters, Chaotic Fractals, Psychoacoustic Processing, Flexible Modulation And More, All Resulting In An Immense Sonic Range Of Entirely Unique Sounds And Music.
With Tons Of Ready-To-Use Custom Sounds And Music Included Inside Your Membership Area, You Will Be Able To Find The Perfect Sound Or Music Track, And Create Top Quality Professional Multimedia Productions Fast!
This And Many More Reasons Makes The Sound Membership The #1 Go-To Resource When You Are Looking For The Ultimate Creativity Enhancer.
As Mentioned, Many Of Our Unique Creations Were Further Polished And Enhanced With Unique Professional Effects Including But Not Limited To: Professional Grade High-End Quality Reverbs, Vocoders, Delays, Ping Pong Delays, Filtered Ping Pongs, Choruses, Ensembles, Flangers, Stereo Flangers, Superstrings, Phasers, Stereo Phasers, LFO Low Pass, Band Passes And High Passes, Talkboxes, Tubeamps, Transistors, Presences, Hardclips, Bitcrushes, Waveshapers, Rotaries, Dolby Prologic, Surround Encoding, Tremelo's, Autopanning, Stereo Enhancing Stereoizers, Equalizers, Ringmods, Trancegates, Early Reflections, Pitch Shifters, Feedback Modules And More.  Some Of These Effects Are Explained Below...
Reverb large A Large Size General Purpose Reverb With A Warm Sound.
Reverb Small Small Size General Purpose Reverb With A Warm Sound And Less Reflections.
Reverb Ultra High-End Quality Reverb With Very Warm Soft Sound That Simulates A Huge Room.
Ping Pong PingPong Delay Is An Echo That Alternates Between The Left And Right Stereo Channels.
PPong Filter The Filtered PingPong Alternates Between L And R And Gets Tighter In Frequency Response.
Delay The Classic Delay Effect That Creates The Sound Of A Repeating And Decaying Echo.
Chorus A Classic Chorus Effect That Is Used To Create A Rich, Thick Sound And Add Slight Movement.
Ensemble Classic Ensemble Effect With A Richer And Thicker Sound Than The Chorus.
Flanger Creates From Subtle Chorus To The Psychedelic Sounds Of Jimi Hendrix And Led Zeppelin.
Stereo Flanger A Stereo Version Of The Classic Flanger.
Rotary Simulates A Rotary Speaker (Leslie Effect) Which Modifies Sound By Rotating The Loudspeakers.
Super Strings Sounds And Music Similar To A Supersaw And Delivers A "Trance" Sound.
Low Pass Makes Low Frequencies Audible, But Blocks The Higher Frequencies.
Band Pass Makes Frequencies Within A Specific Range Audible, But Blocks Frequencies Above And Below.
High Pass Makes High Frequencies Audible, But Blocks The Lower Frequencies.
Phaser A Phasing Filter That Affects The Phase Offset Of The Incoming Audio Stream.
Stereo Phaser This Is A Stereo Version Of The Classic Phaser
Talk Box Allows For Modifying And Shaping The Frequency Content By Applying Speech Sounds And Music.
Tube Amp Valve Amp Simulation With Soft Saturation And Oversampling. Delivers A Square Wave Sound.
Transistor Transistor Amp Simulation With Asymmetric Saturation & Oversampling. Makes A Sawtooth Sound.
Presence Valve Amp Simulation With Soft Saturation, Presence And Oversampling. (Guitar-Amp Sound.)
Hard Clip Digital Clipping With Oversampling Which Delivers A Digital And Aggressive Sound.
Bit  Crush Digital Lo-Fi Effect (Bitcrusher) With Oversampling That Has A Very Digital Old School Sound.
Wave Shape Used Effectively For Synthesizing Traditional Musical Instruments, In Particular, Brass Tones.
Surround Enc Dolby Pro Logic II Compatible Surround Encoding To Center, L, R, Rear L, Rear R, Or Back.
Ring Mod Produces Rich Overtones, Suitable For Producing Bell-Like Or Metallic Sounds And Music.
Tremolo A Classic Tremolo Effect That Produces A Trembling Effect.
Autopan This Effect Moves The Stereo Signal Back And Forth, Between The Left And Right Channel.
Stereo Enhance Widens The Stereo Field Of An Existing Mix And Is Mainly Designed For Mastering.
Vocoder 26 Band Analogue Modelled Vocoder Capable Of Producing Robotic Sounds And Music. 
Stereo- izer Converts A Signal To Stereo By Applying A Bandpass Cascade With 56 Filters.
Choosing The Sounds And Music In The Sound Membership Over Any Other Inferior Sounds And Music Available On The Market Today Will Allow You To Be In Possession Of Original, High-End Quality Crystal Clear And Rich Sound Files That You'll Be Proud To Use In Your Projects.
By Working With Brand New Synthesis Methods We Have Produced This Content In Order To Be Able To Offer You Exciting Unique Sounds And Music Which As Mentioned, No Other Equipment In The World Is Able To Easily Re-Create.
When It Comes To Getting Creative With The Sounds And Music In The Sound Membership , You Will Have Endless Possibilities. Even By Using Just "ONE" Sound Or Music Track In This Membership, You Will Be Able To Re-Edit Just One File In Order To Create Tons Of New Sounds And Music Tracks. This Is Because Many Files Include Several Tones, Variations And Different Sections In The One File, Including Multilayered Stereo Sounds And Music And Also Several Sounds And Music Combined Into One Sound File. 
That's Right! Different Sound Files Can Even Be Combined Together Into One Sound, In Order To Create Even More Brand New Unique Sounds And Music. By Doing So, You Will Be The First And Only Person In The World Who Has Ever Heard The Sounds And Music That You Have Just Created. Imagine What You Can Do With 100's Of New Sound Files Delivered To Your Members Area Every Month?!
Even Though All Of The Audio We Used In The Sound Membership Can Be Edited, Remixed And Or Customized In Whichever Way You Wish, Note That The Sounds And Music Are Ready To Be Used In Your Projects "As Is".
The Sounds And Music Are Delivered To You In Premium Quality 16bit / 44.1khz Resolution Stereo WAV Format That Can Be Imported Into Any Compatible Video And Audio Editor, Digital Audio Workstation (Music Production Software / Sequencer), Sampler Or Other Software That Works With WAV Files Including But Not Limited To These...
Video Editing Programs
CyberLink PowerDirector, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, Corel VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, AVS Video Editor, MoviePlus
Adobe Premiere Elements, Wondershare Filmora, Nero Video, VideoPad
Audio Editing Programs
WavePad, Adobe Audition, Acoustica Digital Audio Editor, AVS Audio Editor, Sound Forge, Diamond Cut,
GoldWave Digital Audio Editor, WaveLab, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab, MAGIX Music Maker
Digital Audio Work Stations
Acid, Tracktion, GarageBand, Nuendo, Mixcraft,  Reason, Pro Tools, Sonar, Cubase, Reaper, Studio One, Logic Pro, Ableton Live
Here Are some Of The Types Of Film And Video Projects These Sounds And Music Can Be Used For.
If Your Attempt Is To Frighten Your Audience By Forcing Them To Face Their Most Hidden Fears, You Will Have An Arsenal Of Terrifying Sounds And Music To Work With. From Monsters To Zombies, To All The Supernatural Ghost Sounds And Music And Satanic Noises You'd Expect To Hear In A Horror Production.

When Your Production Requires Light-Hearted Sounds And Music That Are Amusing And Assist In Promoting Laughter, For Example To Accompany A Joke, Or A Slapstick Scene, A Spoof... Then Besides Laughter,  These Sounds And Music Are Just What The Doctor Ordered.

This Membership Includes Tons Of High Energy Sounds And Music And Sequences Suitable For Accompanying Stunt Scenes, Chases On Foot Or By Vehicle, Battle Scenes, Fight Scenes, Destruction Events Such As Explosions Or Natural Disasters.


When You Need Sounds And Music To Go With That Alien Space Ship Scene, (Or The Alien), Or You Find Yourself Standing On A Distant Planet And Wondering Just What That Might Sound Like, These Sounds And Music Will Be Able To Add That Sci-Fi Feel To Your Production.

So You Need To Tell A Romantic Love Story But Can't Quite Get The Words Out Because You Are All Choked Up And Love Struck And Filled With Passion And Emotion? No Worries, You'll Have Access To  Tear Jerking Sounds In Order To Express Those  Feelings Propperly Without Having To Say Anything. 

Ok, Let's Get Serious For A Moment, When You Tell A Dramatic Story, You Need Dramatic Sounds And Music. Some Violins Or Other Depressing Sounds And Music Included In This Package Will Certainly Allow You To Feel The Moment.

Other Types Of Movie Genres That The Sounds And Music In This Membership Can Be Used For Are...
Absolute, Abstract animation, Action, Actuality, Adventure, Amateur, Animated documentary, Anthology,
Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, Art, Arthouse action
B movie, Backstage musica, Bad girl movies, Badaga cinema, Beach party, Bildungsroman, Biographical,
Black comedy Blaxploitation, Body horror, Bourekas, Bromantic comedy, Buddy cop, Buddy
Camcorder, Cannibal, Cartoon, Chicanos, Chick flick, Children's, Chopsocky, Christian industry, Cinema of Georgia,
Cinema of Montenegro, Cinéma vérité, Colonial cinema, Comedy, Comedy horror, Comedy of remarriage, Comedy thriller, Comedy-drama, Comic fantasy, Comic science fiction, Coming-of-age story, Commedia sexy all'italiana, Compilation, Composite, Conspiracy fiction, Crime
Dance, Direct Cinema, Disaster, Docudrama, Docufiction, Documentary, Drama (genre)
Educational, Epic, Erotic thriller, Erra Cinema, Ethnofiction, Ethnographic, Euro War, European art cinema, Eurospy,
Experimental, Exploitation
Fantasy, Female buddy, Fictional, Film à clef, Film gris, Florida Western
Gendai-geki, Genre movie, Gentleman thief, German underground horror, Giallo, Girls with guns, Gods and demons fiction, Gokudo, Gong'an fiction, Goona-goona epic, Gross out, Guerrillamaking, Guy-cry
Heimatfilm, Heist, Heritage, Highlight, Hip hop, Historical fiction, Home movies, Hood, Horror, Hyperlink cinema
Independent, Industrial video, Interstitial art
Japanese horror, Jiangshi fiction, Jidaigeki, Jukebox musical
Kaiju, Korean horror, Korean melodrama, Kung fu, Kurdish cinema
Legal drama, Legal thriller, List of kaiju creatures, List of werewolf fiction, Luchadors
Mafia comedy, Magic realism, Making-of Film, manifesto, Martial arts, Masala, Meat pie Western, Melodrama,
Message picture, Metacinema, Mexican sex comedy, Mexploitation, Microcinema, Midnight movie, Mo lei tau,  Mob, Mockbuster, Mockumentary, Mondo, Monster movie, Mountain, Mouth of Garbage, Mumblecore, Mundane science fiction, Musical, Musical short, Musicarello, Muslim social, Mystery, Mythopoeia
Naturalism (literature), Nazi exploitation,  New Queer Cinema, Northern (genre)
Opera, Operetta, Ostern, Outlaw biker, Ozploitation
Paracinema, Parallel Cinema, Parody, Peplum genre, Historical period drama, Persian, Pink, Poetry, Political thriller,
Poliziotteschi, Pornographic, Postmodernist, Praškaska škola, Prison, Propaganda, Prussian, Psycho-biddy
Psychological horror, Psychological thriller, Pulp noir
Race, Rape and revenge, Real time (media), Reality, Remodernist, Retrospective, Road movie, Romance,
Romantic comedy, Romantic thriller, Rubble, Rumberas
Samurai cinema, Satanic, Satire, Sceneggiata, Science fiction, Screwball comedy, Semidocumentary, Sex report
Sexploitation, Shinpa, Shomin-geki, Silent, Slapstick, Slasher, Slow cinema, Snuff, Social, Social guidance,
Social problem, South Seas (genre), Soviet Parallel Cinema, Space Western, Spaghetti Western, Splatter, Sponsored, Spy, Stag, Stoner, Submarines, Superhero, Surf, Survival, Suspense, Swashbuckler
Teen, Telefoni Bianch, Tendency, Thriller (genre), Training, Travel documentary, Trial, Trick
Vampire, Vigilante
War, Weird West, Werewolf fiction, Western (genre), Wiener, Wire fu, Woman's, Women in prison, World cinema, Wuxia
Sounds And Music In This Bundle Also Cover A Vast Range Of Musical Styles, And/Or Can Also Be Used To Create Any Genre Of Music Including...
Accapella, Afro-Beat, Alternative, Ambient
Calypso, Chillout, Cinematic, Club, Complextro, Country Music
Dance, Dark, Dirty Dutch, Disco, Down Tempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Dutch Pop
Easy Listening, EDM, Electro, Electronica, Emo, Experimental
Flamenco, Folk, Folk Rock, Free Style, French Pop, Funk, Fusion
Garage, German Pop, Glam, Gospel, Gothic, Grime, Grind Core, Grunge
Happy Hard Core, Hard Core, Hard House, Hawaiian, Healing Music, Hip Hop, House
Industrial, Instrumental, Italian Pop
Jam Band, Jazz, Jungle
Latin, Lounge, Lyrical
Meditative, Metal, Minimalist
Neo Soul, New Wave, Noise, Nu Jazz
Pop, Pop Punk, Post Punk, Power Pop, Progressive, Progressive House, Psychedelic, Psychobilly, Punk
Rap, Rave, Reggae, Reggaeton, Religious, RnB, Rock, Rock And Roll, Roots
Salsa, Samba, Seasonal, Show Tunes, Ska, Soca, Soul, Sound Effects, Southern Rock, Spanish Pop, Surf, Swing
Tango, Techno, Thrash, Trance, Trip Hop, Tropical,Turntablism
Western Swing
The Sounds And Music In This Bundle Can Ofcourse Be Used For Any Other Genres That May Not Listed Here.

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Each month you will receive
Premium Quality Sound Effects.

Note that these sounds are valued at:
$2.00 to $4.99 for just one sound
When Purchased Individually
In Professional Audio Market Places!

Real World Value Of This Offer:
$200+ USD!
  Each Month You Will Receive AT LEAST
10 Original Background Music Songs In Different Styles Included In Your Sound Membership!

These Are Not Just Short Sound Snippets Or Loops
That Repeat The Same Beat Over And Over.
We Offer Full Length Instrumental Songs With Creative Arrangements And Different Sections.

Many Of The Tracks Depending On The Styles, Are Played By Human (Some Suspected Alien) Professional Musicians, And Include Real Instruments Such As Guitars And Live Drums.

Royalty Free Music Sells At $24.99 To $49.99 For Just One Song In Other Music Markeplaces. We Ourselves Sell Royalty Free Music At $15.00 And Up Per Song.
Therefore At A Low Estimated Value Of Only $10 Per Song, 10 Songs Are Valued At $100 USD
Each Month You Will Receive
A BONUS Surprise Mega Bundle
Of Brand New High Quality And Unique Sounds!

Important: This Is Not Just As An Introductory Gift,
But You Will Be Receiving This Every Month
In Your Sound Membership!

This Bundle Alone Has A
Real World Value Of Well Over $200+ USD!
Here's A Recap Including The Real World Value Of Everything You Will Receive...
AT LEAST 100+ Premium Quality Sound Effects Valued at $2.00 to $4.99 for just one sound:
Real World Value $200+ USD!
AT LEAST 10 Original Background Music Songs Valued at $15.00 to $49.99 for just one song:
Real World Value $100+ USD!
+ BONUS Surprise Mega Sound Bundle
Valued at $2.00 to $4.99 for just one sound:

Real World Value $200+ USD!

Your Total Monthly Membership Including
All Sounds That You Receive EACH MONTH:

Real World Value

$500+ USD / MONTH!

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